Rest in peace Toddy’s valet

RIP Dr Kevin

Jezzer Checks Chocs

Since hearing the terrible news on Wednesday night of Dr. Kevin’s passing, a minute hasn’t gone by where I haven’t thought of this sad news and shed the occasional tears as well. In fact I start typing this now through leaky eyes.

I wanted to put down my memories of him so you could all understand what a loss it is to me, and others who he reached out to and the lives he touched, on both social media and indeed in real life. It’s true that others on twitter may have known him a little better than me, but simply put, he was a constant in my life since from when I first joined twitter back in 2013. In fact, there are a few constants on twitter for us anipals, those that seek to unite us, those that we rally around and have the comfort of knowing that they…

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