A Mountaineering We Will Go!

ello efurryone! i is such a lucky bear and i duz wanted to show you the adventcher i went on. i asked hoomun if i cud sine up for a mountaineering corse that Munro and Corbett and Big Ted wer running and he said yes, but only cos it was them and he new i wud be safe. And that i wud have an amazing time!

Thanks to Munro and team for such a fantastic time and for all the amazing pikchurs you took. I has used them here to share the story.

When i arrived i was glad to silly Milly the mammoth and Blueberry there. They is sooper fun to be with. Don’t they look awesome in their water proofs? 🙂

Mountaineering bears

On the first day we had to learn some basics about being out in the wild moutains. We had to know how to read a map and navigate and tell directions. i fink i forget it all now but at the time i knew it. i love all the climbing gear too. i came prepared cos Munro’s hoomun made some for me before when Bosun and Lovell came to stay after their mountaineering adventures at Bear Lodge.

Mountaineering bears 2

i was gowin to wear my climbing boots that Munro had made for me but at the last minit i chose my bunny shoos insted cos i fort there mite be a chanse of some hopping, jumping or bouncing. And i got the chance to use them too!

Mountaineering bears 3

Just as well Milly and Blueberry had their waterproofs, and it didn’t matter that I didn’t have mine. Boing!

There was some serious climbing after that.

Mountaineering bears 4

At wun point i was allowed to be lead climber (out of the newbies) and that was my favourite bit. So exciting!

Mountaineering bears 8

Milly and Blueberry were right behind me 🙂

Mountaineering bears 9

And we all made it to the top!

Mountaineering bears 5

Munro made a awesome video from all the pikchurs they took. You can see it here.

After admiring the view for a while we headed back down to the pub. And after some relaxing drinks it was a wonky walk back to Bear Lodge and the best night’s sleep i ever did hav.

And a big hooge fank yoo to Daf for making everything happen 🙂 x x x

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