The See Side

Sometimes we go to the land side
where the sand melts into the sea
that laps gently with foam and tide;
so few places as good to be…
cos it means we are together:
Mummy, Daddy, Deano and me
making memories last forever:
playing in sand, splashing the sea,

building sand castles on the beach,
with turrets, flags and a moat,
stopping only to drink and eat
(scanning the sea we spot a boat!)
Packing up when the sea comes in,
ready to go home on the bus,
sand in our fur to fill a bin!
Mummy and daddy make a fuss.

We all get home too tired to sleep;
We talk about the day we’ve seen;
We play with stones and shells we keep
sake for the day and all that’s been.
All too soon we’re ready for bed,
and sleep as sound as little bears,
happy and tired and well fed,
and loved for every hair that’s theirs.


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