Well chaps we dids go on another adventure in Scotland. As always we stayed at Bear Lodge where we did all our training when we first started to become #MountaineeringBears. The bears at Bear Lodge have a long history of mountain climbing and in running courses for all of us who want to learn and have fun and go on very adventurous adventures. You can see more of their climbs and courses here: https://munrothemountaineeringbear.home.blog/

The climbing itself is what it’s all about but there are always unexpected obstacles and happenings to deal with and this time was no different. We even rescued a lost bear! So glad we found them!

It all starts at Bear Lodge where we get a briefing on what to expect and we all check our climbing gear to make sure it is all in tip top condition.

Then we all climb aboard the Bear Lodge car and set off.

We all get out and take our first look at the first part of our climb.

We have a good warm-up climb to begin with.

Then we practice doing ice axe arrests that stop us if we slip.


After that we have to decide how to proceed. Straight up the slope or up along the edge.

We went for the edge.

Just as well we chose that path as we found a lost bear who was not looking too happy at all.

We phone Bear Lodge Rescue and Corbett says he will stay until they arrive so the rest of us can carry on with the climb. Well that was unexpected! Hope he is ok now.

Then it is onwards and upwards we go!

This is an awesome climb and we are doing so well. I think we are all still thinking about the poor lost bear we found, and are feeling good that we were able to help them. Mustn’t get distracted though!

Getting near the top now. It is so steep! But we is Mountaineering Bears and we push on knowing that we are all there for each other.

It’s the final push!

Neeeeeaaarrrly there!

Tada! We made it. And what an epic view we have. We is all feeling very pleased with ourselves.

We make camp and all get warm and cosy in the ice cave we made. Luckily some of the team bought hip flasks with them which is a nice addition to our provisions. Mmmmmm!

Time for a good night’s sleep so we are ready to head back to the Lodge in the morning.

What a day! Thank you pals for an amazing adventure, and a hooge thank you to all at Bear Lodge for arranging everything and taking care of all us #MountaineeringBears (we aren’t all bears – some of us are mice, elephants, bear-vers, turtles, hedghogs… and all sorts… but deep down we are all Mountaineering Bears at heart.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about our climb. Leave a comment if you like it and let us know if you have ever been mountain climbing before.

Thank you!

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